The Project

The Power West Toronto project represents a significant investment in Toronto’s west end electricity system, with improvements designed to ensure better reliability and increase system capacity to meet Toronto’s growing demand for power.

Power to Move

Toronto is about to embark on its largest transit expansion in its history, with the development of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. This new transit line will require a substantial and reliable power supply, making the Power West Toronto project a critical part of Toronto’s ongoing transit expansion.

Power to Grow

Toronto’s anticipated economic and population growth requires improvements to the electricity system, detailed in the Metro Toronto Regional Infrastructure Plan, which includes a summary of current and long-term needs and recommendations. These recommendations included the Power West Toronto project, which addresses a part of the system that has been operating at maximum capacity for more than five years. Now is the time to upgrade this system to meet Toronto’s future power demands. Through Power West Toronto, thousands of homes and businesses will benefit from improved reliability and greater electrical capacity for years to come.

The Work

Power West Toronto involves required upgrades to aging electricity infrastructure. This work includes the addition of two transformers to the Runnymede Transformer Station located at 99 Woolner Avenue, and the replacement of overhead wires along approximately 10 km of the transmission corridor located in Toronto’s west end. As part of the transmission line work, steel tower components along the corridor will also be replaced.

This project is being implemented over an 18 month period. Construction started with the Runnymede Transformer Station in June.

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*Project dates are approximate and are subject to change.