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Progress in Toronto West

This week marked the one-year anniversary of Power West Toronto breaking ground at Runnymede Transformer Station. In past year, we are incredibly proud of all the work accomplished by our incredible crews in Toronto West. The progress they have made will impact the future of the entire city, allowing for the increased electrical capacity required to power our city’s growth.

While construction activities continue into the summer months, we’d like to take this opportunity to look back on all that we’ve accomplished over the last year.

  • Community information sessions were held at Our Lady of Sorrows Separate School and at Rockcliffe Middle School to open communication with the residents of Toronto West, ensuring community members are aware of the need for the project and the benefits it will provide
  • Runnymede Station upgrades commenced, involving the installation of safety fences, concrete foundations, and steel structures. The two new transformers have been installed in this area and will provide additional capacity and resiliency that Toronto requires for future growth
  • Our team hosted a workshop in the Runnymede community to co-create a mitigation plan for the neighbourhood and involve residents in developing the goals and direction of the project
  • Construction took place at Kipling South, Islington and Lomond TTC parking lots and was completed ahead of schedule thanks to our dedicated crews and the cooperation of community members
  • Transformer line construction activities began across several Toronto West neighbourhoods, where crews worked to reinforce lattice and replace overhead wires along the transmission corridor. Efforts are well under way and progressing safely and efficiently
  • Vegetation maintenance along sections of Lavender Creek Trail and along some areas of the transmission corridor continue to take place, reinforcing the safety and durability of our upgrades

Thank you to the Power West Toronto crews, support staff and to the incredible communities of Toronto West. Recognition of this one-year milestone does not go unnoticed, however, work continues as we look towards the future of Toronto and the significant improvements our efforts will produce.

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