Transportation Updates

Construction at the Kipling South and Islington TTC Stations

Work on the power lines and towers in the Kipling South, Islington and Lomond TTC parking lots will begin September 24 and run through early November. During this time, parts of the parking lots will be closed at various times for construction work. As a result, available parking will be limited, with new exits and entrances established to manage flow. Maps detailing timing and available parking can be referenced below.

We will keep commuters informed of any construction updates on and @PowerWestTO. Daily tweets will include an up-date on when the parking lots are full.

We encourage commuters to carpool or find alternative ways to the stations, such as cycling or public transportation. To find a bus route that works for you, please visit

Approximately 75 of 283 impacted

Approximately 200 of 534 impacted

Approximately 115 of 829 impacted

Parking lot closure flyer